The internet is an ideal Location for radical music. We don't have to bother about economic shit like distribution, sponsoring and merchandising, we can focus on the basics: the music. Klaeng a similar project, that naively tried to break even with pressing CD's of rarely heard music, came to an unceremonious halt due to such economic ties. Distil is not the successor, but relies on the experience and some contact made by klaeng. Distil will take its sense of direction a little more conventional. Compilations will get in the background, we will publish the releases of one artist in ep to dolp-length. The style of sound is not defined, to us it's important that the songs are interesting and unique.

Distil's main attraction will be like on other online-labels the music, with oggs (the sound files), artist biography, cover and so on, but we also but we also will publish theoretically sites with subjects like culture-politics, musical history, and general or poetic texts of the artists. This will be completed by an administrated forum where the surfers change thoughts and ideas.

The artist should control his work as he pleases. We get two possibilities of licensing: an exclusive license for distil, then the songs can't be sold or published by anyone else than distil without the written permission of the author, or with copyleft then everybody can do with the song whatever he wants. Standard, or when the artists doesn't express anything, is the exclusive label license. The songs on distil can be downloaded for free, the site is banner-free and does not have any commercial purpose. So nobody gets any money, the artist needs a piece of idealism, the only thing he does is to attract attention.

A technical quirk: distil will not be an mp3-label, the songs will published as ogg- songs. Technical the ogg-format is superior, especially as it is open source, this grants the free use of the format and prevents an digital rights management. Frequently used players like winamp support this format. Less experienced users get instructions how to work with this format on the help-page. The ogg-format may be a little bit unusal, but the advantages are clear, other online labels like the famous tokyo dawn label also use this format.

Unfortunally you are one of the first artist we contact, so we just now have only a temporary site, but just now we need good songs to start the label successfully. At least a part of the crew is already known, so nobody takes a unknown risk. We hope to get online at the spring 2003.

So now it's up to you to make the site good sounding.
You can't send us your songs by email:, but please note that there may be some restrictions by your provider, who not supports sending large files, we can take files up to 100 MB.
Also you can send us your songs by post, look at the contact-page.
Ideal is, if you send us your songs in the ogg-format.

Spiritual Advisors: Ralf Siemers, Wenne Voran
Design: Jörg Koch
Coding and Administration: Dietrich Maurer