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Distil Ep01 - Solovyev: Mia Otra

Solovyev a koeln influenced artist has already published an album at the fine label onitor and was further on several compilations. His sound is worked out detailed, often with dubby lines and always pleasant warm.
Otragaduyu a warm, quiet song with an interesting rhythm, which whispers and clicks but also has a melodic structure. It sounds like a sunset in a warm country.
Miataguri a slowly and strong filtered track with clear minimal techno influences. It's reserved and nearby at the same time.

   Solovyev: Otragaduyu
   Solovyev: Miataguri

Distil Ep02 - Ralf Siemers: Dream Weapon

Ralf Siemers, the formerly klaeng activist, works in bands and as a solo artist for over 20 years. He began with punk und experimental music, now he mainly works in his little studio but he also plays sometimes in jam sessions with local heroes.
Dream Weapon gets metallic sound-scapes with an heavy use of echo-effects. It's a kind of disturbing ambient and ends with thee ueberzwerch an overdriven feedback orgy.

   Ralf Siemers: Drea
   Ralf Siemers: Mittelbugblatt
   Ralf Siemers: Unterboot
   Ralf Siemers: Thee Ueberzwerch