For a few weeks this is the unofficial site for the distil label.

Before we'll start properly, we put this temporarily site in the net to show the artists who plan to share there work with us and our users what sort of music we like to hear and what's the idea of distil.
It's always difficult to show someone else what kind of music we like. We name a few of our favourites to give a direction what we imagine: Satie, Varese, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Autechre, Tortoise, Yo La Tengo, 4 Hero, Pole, Snd (Makesnd), Mouse On Mars, Air, Kit Clayton.

To get practical we proudly present you two digital ep's online.

Solovyev: Otra Mia

Solovyev from the onitor label gave us two of his new and unpublished work. This ep is a very smart piece of abstract, minimalist, electronic music.

Ralf Siemers: Dream Weapon

Ralf writes to his song: Several hours of sonic dreamscapes are ready to search and destroy thee boring old farts of 'kosmische musik'.